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Grow it - Share it - Sherbit

Project Date: 2018

Project Length: 1 month

Sherbit is an App that enables users to grow an online community who can share sustainable ideas and prototypes for indoor farming. Connecting people and communities who are interested in the environment, healthy eating and reducing their carbon footprint. The Sherbet Community promotes health and well-being through encouraging members in their farming pursuits and reduces isolation through contact with similar minded people who share the same interests.



Written Summary


The negative impact farming has on the environment, the unequal distribution of food in society and the impact of food and farming on our health and wellbeing are issues that require alternative holistic approaches to the growth and distribution of produce for urban communities with limited access to growing spaces.


Exploring alternatives to mass farming, packaging and distribution, I researched options for indoor aeroponic planters for use in homes and restaurants, enabling people to grow their own crops and negating the need for long distance transportation. This highlighted the issue of food wastage which would result from people growing vegetables in isolation. Consideration was then given to how independent gardeners, whether growing produce in gardens, allotments or indoor aeroponic systems, could share their surplus crops.


The Sherbit App enables users to grow online communities, sharing surplus crops, sustainable ideas and prototypes for urban farming. Promoting health and well-being through farming pursuits and reducing isolation through connecting with people who share similar interests. Profiles enable members to share pictures of their crops, recipes and surplus produce.




Each user will have their own profile to share pictures of their crops and recipes to use them in.
Sherbit App allows users to create events that would be shared in the feed. For example these events could be a group cook off or host a dinner party using locally grown produce.
People in the Sherbit community can rate each other products and, if living close by, can share surplus produce.
I hope to engage more people in sustainable living and healthy eating by designing an app where the Sherbit community can share produce and ideas.

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Users will have access to a feed that shows other members status’ about their produce, cooking, tips and tricks etc.
Sherbit’s initial target audience is for environmentally conscious people living in towns and cities who wish to be more engaged in the produce they eat but who do not have gardens or access to green spaces where they could grow their own crops.


Users can search for specific produce they are looking for and/or recipes. If living close by they are able to meet to swap produce. This app will suggest public places to do so.

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